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Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for October 19-25


The week may start on a low note as you will be faced with uncertainties that may lead to mental stress and worries. You could face some fluctuations and ups and downs in relationships. If you are running your business in the form of partnerships, then you are advised to keep things transparent with your partner to avoid misunderstandings. Control your speech and anger in order to avoid hurting your close ones. Avoid the company of negative people. Students who are into research work are likely to get favourable results for their efforts. During the second half of the week, you will channelise your energy in order to improve your performance at the workplace. As a result, you will receive the necessary appreciation from your higher ups. Your financial position is also likely to show improvement. You will take keen interest in spiritual and religious activities which will bring you peace of mind and contentment. Any differences with your father are likely to get resolved.

Tip of the week: Avoid negative thoughts

Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


The start of the week will see businesspeople earn great rewards of their hard work. Professionals are also likely to enjoy support and cooperation from their colleagues and seniors. However, you might face concerns relating to the well being of your spouse. Your spouse might face some health issues or have a rough time at the workplace. Hence, you are advised to spend quality time with them and try to understand their problems. On the financial front, you are likely to get sudden benefits from unexpected sources. During the middle of the week, you will be filled with youthful energy and enthusiasm. However, you are advised to take proper care of your health as you might face some complications related to stomach. During the end of the week, you will be able to complete all pending tasks. If you are into some creative field, then you might get an opportunity to convert it into business or profession.

Tip of the week: Spend time with your loved ones

Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday


The week will commence on a positive note as you will be able to accomplish pending tasks with ease. This phase is also likely to bring positive impact on your health and you are likely to feel energetic and rejuvenated. During the middle of the week, those in partnership business are likely to face challenges. Do not take any decisions based on emotions. Health-wise, you need to remain cautious relating to eye and throat ailments. You may feel low on confidence. You may also encounter some problems in your professional field. If you want to convert your interest or hobby into business, then this is a suitable time. During the end of the week, avoid undertaking any kind of a journey. You are advised to upgrade your skills and sharpen your talent to achieve success in your career. Nonetheless, you will stay happy and contented in your family life. Your father will be a strong pillar of support and his guidance will lead you to success.

Tip of the week: Hone your skills

Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


This will be a testing week for you financially. You need to spend your resources wisely. Refrain yourself from indulging in any kind of impulsive purchases. Transactions relating to sale and purchase of property should be weighed carefully, else you may face difficulties. This week will be favourable to learn something new. Students will be able to perform well in academics and will impress their peers and teachers with their sharp intellect. Those married may be concerned about their kids spending too much time in front of mobile or TV screens. Setting an example yourself will be the right approach instead of scolding them. During the middle of the week, businesspeople will face a fortunate period and will be able to earn profits. Undertaking journeys will prove beneficial. During the end of the week, you may be faced with mental tensions and worries. You are advised to get your medical check-ups done to guard against health problems.

Tip of the week: Learn something new

Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday


During the beginning of the week, your expenditure is likely to shoot up as you may spend lavishly. You are advised to pay attention to your budget while spending. It is a good time for financial planning. Your relationship with your mother is likely to improve which will enhance family harmony. During the middle of the week, students may face problems and obstacles in their field of studies. You will stay competitive and will be able to win over your opponents. In terms of health, you will receive auspicious results as you may get relief from an illness that you may have been facing for a long time. Natives in the field of sports and athletics are likely to receive new opportunities for growth. Towards the end of the week, your relations with your spouse will improve and you will be supportive of each other. You might have to undertake short trips. Your relationship with your siblings will also improve.

Tip of the week: Control your expenses

Lucky days: Tuesday, Wednesday


There could be some unnecessary expenses during this week. Professionals will be able to get their due promotions and increments. This is a profitable period for businesspeople. Those willing to start their own business will come across many opportunities. However, in family life, you may face some differences of opinion with your siblings, but the same will be resolved after a while. During the middle of the week, there will be positive changes in the family environment. Your mother’s health is likely to improve. You will have a feeling of happiness and contentment in your life. During the end of the week, students will perform well and achieve their goal. Also, those of you seeking higher education will get success. However, married people may face some issues with their loved ones. Your child’s health could bother you. Any pending legal matter will be decided in your favour. On the health front, take care of your chest and lungs.

Tip of the week: Friday, Saturday

Lucky days: Explore new opportunities


The start of the week will improve your financial position and status in society. You could receive an additional flow of funds by way of support from the family or interest from savings. However, your personal life is likely to cause some heartburn as you may develop a misunderstanding with your spouse. Further, you need to stay cautious in your choice of words while dealing with family members. Try not to be aggressive with your close ones as it may create unnecessary rifts with them. During the middle of the week, you are likely to achieve your professional goals. You may be inclined to initiate new tasks and complete them with full concentration and focus. There could be some differences in your relationship with your mother. During the end of the week, your creativity will be at its peak. For those who are single, this is a favourable time for starting a new relationship. Students may perform better than expected in academics.

Tip of the week: Be creative at work

Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


The onset of the week will see you feeling more positive and mentally agile than usual. On the professional front, you may have to work hard to receive appreciation and validation for your efforts. You are advised to try and improve your skills. However, those looking for a new job are likely to receive desired results. Some of you may have to undertake a journey. You are advised to stay away from indulging in any kind of arguments and clashes during this week. You may face some health issues relating to the skin and the nervous system. During the middle of the week, you need to remain careful regarding your finances as expenses may increase. However, the decisions that you took previously are likely to provide you with fruitful returns. You will be able to execute your policies and plans with great proficiency. You are also likely to receive full support and cooperation from your siblings, which will lead to a healthy and positive atmosphere in the family.

Tip of the week: Believe in yourself

Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday


During the start of the week you are likely to incur losses, hence you need to remain careful regarding your finances. It would be better if you consult the experts before making any investment. Those doing a job or are in business with foreign organizations are likely to receive a new project or order. The health of your mother may need your attention. During the middle of the week, you may be spiritually inclined and may take an interest in reading mystical subjects. Your health will improve and you will recover from an existing illness. There will be an improvement in your financial status. Professionals could witness a transfer. Some of you may also plan to start a business in the form of a partnership. During the end of the week, you may spend quality time with your family members. Avoid investing in any new scheme. Students are likely to receive full cooperation from their teachers and peers.

Tip of the week: Seek financial guidance

Lucky days: Tuesday, Wednesday


The onset of the week will bring you benefits from various sources. However, you are advised to perform your duties with utmost diligence and honesty to achieve better results in your career. Your competitive spirit will be enhanced and you will overcome your opponents with ease. Those in a technical role will receive multiple opportunities this week. There could be benefits from the government sector. Your relationship with your father is also likely to improve. During the middle of the week, you are advised to plan your finances carefully. You are likely to become conscious of your health and practising yoga and meditation will help you to keep fit. Family life will be harmonious and you will get to spend quality time with your family members, especially your younger siblings. During the weekend, you could receive gains from unexpected sources. Avoid any argument with family members over finances. With your sheer intelligence and wisdom, you will be able to resolve the situation quickly.

Tip of the week: Honesty is the best policy

Lucky days: Saturday, Sunday


The start of the week will be full of action and possibilities. An enthusiastic and action-oriented approach will leave many impressed with you at the workplace. Decisions made by you previously will provide you with adequate returns. Those looking to switch jobs are likely to come across suitable opportunities. During the middle of the week, you will achieve profits in your venture. It is a good time to start a new venture. You will receive full support of your family in this regard. There could be a short-distance travel related to work. You will feel positive, both in terms of health and emotional wellbeing. This will enhance your creativity enabling you to proficiently execute your tasks. During the end of the week, you may face some ego clashes with your spouse. You need to be careful of your company as someone can breach your trust which may lead to financial loss. Health issues related to hands and ears may need your attention.

Tip of the week: Stay action-oriented

Lucky days: Tuesday, Wednesday


During the beginning of the week, you will remain lucky in all your endeavours. It is advisable to not get into your comfort zone and push yourself to over-achieve your goals. The more hard work you put in, the luckier you will get. During the middle of the week, you will receive favourable opportunities at the workplace, but altercations at home may be a source of worry, which can impact your output at work. You should be careful of undertaking any financial transaction during this period. During the end of the week, businesspeople running their businesses in partnership are likely to face a rough time. You should refrain from lending anyone money during this period. If necessary, lend money only after necessary due-diligence. Your mother’s health may remain fragile. You might be inclined to switch jobs, but are advised against doing so. You may face health issues relating to eyes and bones.

Tip of the week: Stay out of your comfort zone

Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday

(Neeraj Dhankher is an astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP and Nadi Astrology. He is Founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his own analysis)


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