Bengal Guv urges CM to handle law and order

Jagdeep Dhankar
Jagdeep Dhankar.

West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar sounded the war bugle on the day mamata Banerjee took oath for a third term as chief minister and asked her to rise above partisan attitude and work for the people of the state.

He also wanted the chief minister to work hand-in-hand with the Centre with a new approach of “cooperative federalism’.

Dhankar who has always been accused by the chief minister and Trinamool congress leaders of being a spokesperson of BJP said after the oath taking ceremony, “I congratulate Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for her third term.

“I express hope and expectation that her governess will according to the constitution and rule of law. India is a great democracy where power emanates from the process of law”.

Dhankar who in his recent tweets expressed serious concern over the law-and-order situation in the state and even spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue said, “We are at the moment in a very difficult crisis.

“I am getting reports from within and outside the country that people are worried. I had words with the chief minister and she has taken steps. Our first priority is we should bring an end to this senseless violence that has affected society at large.

“Post poll violence if it is retributive is antithetical to democracy / I hope that the chief minister on urgent basis will take all steps to establish rule of law,” he added.

In a tweet on May 4, the governor wrote: “Police @WBPolice @CPKolkata must end senseless political violence, vandalism, arson, killings and intimidation that shames democracy. Bengali diaspora world over has expressed concern over alarming lawlessness. Why post poll violence only WB?

“Why this assault on democracy?”

He also appealed to the chief minister to restore law and order in the state. “Reports indicate horrendous state of affairs. Horrified people are fleeing to save themselves. Flooded with SOS appeals. Harmads are on the killing and destruction spree. Such nosediving of constitutional values cannot be countenanced. Call upon @MamataOfficial to restore order”.

Mamata Banerjee reacted sharply.

“The law-and-order situation was in the hands of the election commission for the last three months. The election commission had set up a new set and it was not in my hands. I have just taken the oath. There is a lot of inefficiency and that shall be rectified. I have information that some political parties are resorting to violence and torture. I shall accept this and will take strong action. No one should have an avenging attitude,” she said.

Dhankar also spoke about “cooperative federalism” and better relation with the Centre because Banerjee has always accused the BJP-led Centre of destroying the federal structure of the country and contested the central schemes with state launched projects.

“I would also expect from the chief minister a new government. A new commitment, a new approach of cooperative federalism. It is a country where we only survive by adhering to constitutional prescriptions. I have every hope that the chief minister will rise to the occasion,” he said.

Addressing her as his ‘younger sister’, the governor said, “It is not usual for a person to get a third term in a row and I am sure she would do it. There are occasions when the state faces a crisis. We have to rise above the partisan interest. We have to reach a level where the governance reaches the expectations as per our preamble.”


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