No insider trading occurred in Amaravati lands: TDP

Telugu Desam Party(TDP)
Telugu Desam Party (TDP). (Photo: Twitter/@JaiTDP)

Andhra Pradesh government could not prove insider trading allegations against Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders even 15 months after assuming power, an opposition leader claimed on Tuesday, saying that no insider trading had occurred.

“It has been 15 months since they came to power. Where did the insider trading happen. We are challenging,” claimed TDP national spokesperson Bonda Uma.

He alleged that the ruling YSRCP government is falsely claiming that some former ministers and legislators had lands in the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA).

“We produced the elections affidavits of YSRCP ministers, legislators and others which showed that these people and also some former TDP leaders have been owning lands in Krishna district since a very long time,” said Uma.

According to the TDP leader, some people bought 1 – 2 acres of land even during the 2014 elections and it is not wrong to buy or sell land.

He said Amaravati region was selected as the state capital by Sivaramakrishanan committee.

Uma declared that the government cannot scare TDP with Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) cases.

“You cannot scare us with ACB. Honest probe will bring out the truth. Even after 15 months of YSRCP government coming to power, they could not prove that insider trading occurred in the past government. Even the current government leaders know that it is true,” he said.

Uma alleged that the government somehow wants to link former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, former ministers and others with insider trading, which is a vain exercise.

He said the government wrote to CBI, engaged ACB, finished with the Vigilance department, used CBCID and again now using the ACB to scare TDP.

“Why did you write to the CBI? Are AP officials inefficient? You could not trust the officials in your government, that’s why you wrote to the CBI? Will the MPs also talk about the cases on Jagan,” asserted Uma.

On Monday, Reddy directed YSRCP MPs to highlight the alleged irregularities in the previous TDP government, along with Covid, central aid, special category status (SCS) and other issues in the Parliament to bring national attention.

Uma challenged the government to prove if there was any misappropriation in the last government and advised them to do an honest probe.

“If there was really some misappropriation, prove it, and punish the culprits, but don’t try to scare TDP, there is no evidence. You cannot scare us with ACB. Honest probe will bring out the truth,” claimed Uma.


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