Woman in K’taka sleaze CD releases 3rd video

Bengaluru : Minister of Water Resources in the Government of Karnataka Ramesh Jarkiholi resigned today on
Bengaluru : Minister of Water Resources in the Government of Karnataka Ramesh Jarkiholi resigned today on "moral grounds" after an alleged sex tape was aired by local news channels, in Bengaluru on Wedenesday 3rd March 2021.

The woman who had been claiming that she was the victim of former Karnataka Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi’s sexual harassment, released a third video clip from her hiding place on Friday stating that she was going to file a complaint against Jarkiholi through her counsel Jagadesh Kumar.

Her first clip was released on March 13, in which she had alleged that she had been the victim of Jarkiholi’s sexual harassment and in her second clip released on March 25, she not only caste aspersions on the state police that is probing the case but said that she was ‘confident of getting justice’ from Karnataka Congress leaders, Siddaramaiah, leader of the opposition in Assembly, K.R. Ramesh Kumar, former Speaker and Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee president, D.K. Shivakumar.

In her third video clip of 29 seconds, she said in Kannada that she was living under severe fear for her family as well as her life for nearly 24 days. “I know what it takes to live in such a fear. After I have received open assurances from leaders, pro-woman organisations, I was able to gather enough courage to file a complaint against Ramesh Jarkiholi through my lawyer, Jagadish Kumar,” she said in the video.

Within minutes after the third clip was released, her lawyer, K.N. Jagadish too came online through FaceBook live and stated in Kannada that his client was ready to meet Bengaluru City Police commissioner, personally, the day she felt she was safe and registered her statement in his presence.

“She has come to me, reposing a lot of faith in me. I will file her written complaint with the Bengaluru Police. We will reach there soon,” he said and added that he would neither like to disclose at this juncture how she has come in contact with him nor reveal how she had sent him her handwritten complaint to him.

He concluded his live stream stating that he would prove everyone wrong that only a ‘rich and powerful’ get justice in the country but even poor people also get justice here.


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